New chances with White Unicorn and #autisticselfadvocacy

I work as an illustrator 🎉 for White Unicorn e.V., which I’m a new member to, a german organisation for an autism friendly environment. My project is to make 26 illustrations for a list of autism-related barriers. That list will be used for a study in integrative schools as well as an online-test on the website. Link to the website is

Most of the content is in german, but there are some features in english, like a PDF for download here:
The new project will be visible in march. 
I am so happy to be part of this. 😄🍀



Melting home

This is a Gulo gulo, the real wolverine. He is endangered, by the reindeer herders in northern Finland. This little carnivore is accused by making too much prey amongst the herds, but as known by now, the numbers were alienated to have a right for the hunt. Some even want his complete extinction. The truth is, that mass-meat-production is even a reality in Lapland. The numbers of reindeers are so large, that nature there has been reported to be damaged on a great scale and if herders do not reduce, it will be a lasting impact, so that not only species like the Gulo are endangered, but many species throughout the wide flora and fauna of the north are to disappear into a dead ground desert.

Illustration reference: Gulo-cub by The Gulo Project.