Welcome to my gnometown!


Sauin play in the heath & pumpkin harvest

Finally Samhain! 🎃 My favourite time of the wheel has begun. Here my last piece of Inktober that shows Jack at the pumpkin harvest and the last piece of the wheel. There are new things to come, again great changes in my life will be performed and I am somewhat tensed and exited. Therefore, I’ll need lots of time off…besides mountains of papers, I see myself buried underneath. But since Amy Rose is actually more a sentence than a name to me, it should be clear what to expect. I’ll climb these mountains and by the end of the year’s night, it should be done. 💪👧 Also, I am blessed with some really wonderful people around me lately and so thankful for all the help and things to share.

To all of you, I wish a beautiful season and lots of peace and love. 💕


Graugnomnacht, Kindheitsnacht.

Zischendes Umringen.

Kommen sie Dich holen.

Die Räuber oder die Dämonen.

Gleich sind sie, im kalten Spiegel

der Nacht. Der Kindheitsnacht.

Räuberbeute und Silberklumpen,

fallen in den Höllenschlund

und liegen auf immer schweigend da.