Hypocrisy and me

​Of course I never knew, I was hurting sentient beings, back in the days when I was eating their flesh. Of course not.

Surely I only damaged my environment, because I did not see a chance in preventing others from doing so. Surely.

No, I never had an extraordinary attitude of getting whatever cheap products I want, just because I knew stores are filled. No, I didn’t.

Did I ever put so-called hygiene arguments over destruction of the planet, when I bought all these plastics? Nah, did I?

Well, I thought about not paying taxes, so the weapons my money would buy won’t kill children, women and men in other countries. But yea…can’t save the whole world ya know.

…what did you say? Atomic energy?

Duh! So many things, one human just can’t mind. Right?


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